Membership at Meadow Lake Country Club

Monthly Rates

Family: $189

Junior (Age 16-25): $68

Junior (Age 26-35): $110

Nonresident (Outside Henry County): $127

Single (Not Married): $154

Senior (Age 65+): $170

Senior Single (Age 65+): $134

Social (All Privileges Except Golf): $84

Porch (Clubhouse Only): $56

Cart Programs

Trail Fee: $32 Monthly

Cart Storage & Trail Fee: $41 Monthly (Gas); $43 Monthly (Electric)

Yearly Cart Agreement: $55 Monthly (Family); $45 Monthly (Single)

Monthly rates are subject to change and sales tax will be added. All memberships run from the date a member joins through the end of the year. Member is responsible for entire dues through the end of the year unless an exception is granted by the Meadow Lake Board of Managers.


Meadow Lake Country Club

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