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Membership at Meadow Lake Country Club

Monthly rates are subject to change and sales tax will be added. 

Memberships run a calendar year, renewable January 1 each year there after.

The member is responsible for entire dues throughout the extent of their contract.

All memberships require a $90 quarterly minimum spent at Watson's or our Bars.

Full Family Membership

Monthly Rates with Annual Contract

Amenities include access to our Golf Course, Tennis Court, Pool, and Clubhouse

Family: $194

Junior (Age 16-25): $68

Junior (Age 26-35): $113

Nonresident: $130

(Outside Henry County)

Single (Not Married): $158

Senior (Age 65+): $174

Senior Single (Age 65+): $137

Other Memberships

Monthly Rates with Annual Contract

Social: $86

(All Privileges Except Golf)

Porch: $57.50

(Clubhouse Only)

Cart Programs

Trail Fee: $32 Monthly

Cart Storage & Trail Fee: 

$43 Monthly (Electric or Gas)

Yearly Cart Agreement: 

$55 Monthly (Family) 

$45 Monthly (Single)